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M.Orth (RCSEd), A.O.B Certified
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Research reveals over half of Australians don't love their smiles in photos!

Avoiding a camera these days is no easy task.  But, did you ever stop to think how many images could be taken of you and shared with your friends each year? Try 1, 897– that is the average number that 500 Australian men and women have confessed are taken of them per year, with a third of them being shared on social media.

Interestingly, 79% of respondents didn’t seem phased by this amount of sharing. But, when it came down to what made them not entirely unhappy about the images they saw of themselves, smile/teeth was the most common concern they had. What’s more, nearly three quarters of Australians said that if they saw themselves smiling in photos, they would look back at those images with fond memories and that they represented happy times.

Dr Lane says, “With Australians estimating that almost 2,000 images are taken of them each year, isn’t it time we all looked after one of our best assets – our smile?  A fresh, beautiful smile is, by nature of its appearance, associated with confidence, youthfulness and vitality. It is common in my practice to see that patients who have undergone orthodontic treatments smile more in their every day life and definitely more when they are caught on camera. Having a great smile can make you feel alive and much younger.”

So what are people doing to achieve their desired smile? Dr Lane sees patients of all ages who are looking for solutions that can offer straighter teeth. “It’s easy to get the smile you want, thanks to an advanced orthodontic straightening treatment called the Invisalign System®. Using a series of custom-made clear plastic Invisalign aligners (instead of metal braces) that are virtually invisible, they can help to gently straighten teeth. Best of all, they’re removable too, so you carry on eating and drinking all the things you love.”

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**Research conducted by Ipsos Australia on behalf of Invisalign Australia in May, 2015. Sample size was 504 men and women Australia wide aged 25 to 34.

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