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Would you like to start your journey towards straight teeth for Christmas?

November 29th, 2017

25 Days to Christmas!!!!!

What is on your Christmas wish list? Straight teeth maybe? Why not look at Invisalign as an option to straighten your teeth.

Invisalign can be used to correct many types of dental malocclusions. It has come a long way over the years and most recently they have released Invisalign to help correct overbites in teenagers/children. Gone are the days of ‘Head Gear (like Katy Perry in her Last Friday Night Video) and bulky looking bite correctors.





Invisalign’s Mandibular Advancement is used the same as normal Invisalign but contains a small plastic ‘Wing’ on the top and bottom of the aligners that when biting together, overtime trains your jaw to sit in the correct position.

Invisalign is also a great option for patients that struggle with cleaning their teeth as it is completely removable, there are no brackets or wires to clean around making Oral Hygiene much easier and less time consuming. It can be used while teeth are still erupting meaning treatment can be started as early as 11/12 years old.


Are wedding bells in your future or maybe your year 12 formal?

June 8th, 2017

At Lane Orthodontics we offer Invisalign as an option for straightening your teeth. Invisalign uses a series of removable aligners (small hard plastic retainers) that are changed weekly to straighten your teeth.

Some of the bonuses of Invisalign over fixed orthodontic appliances are….
• It is aesthetically pleasing as it is virtually invisible
• It is able to be left out for special occasions
• It makes oral hygiene much easier
• There is minimal restriction on diet
So if you are worried that you won’t have that perfect smile on your big day then contact us for a consult appointment to discuss the start of the new you.

Mouthguards save teeth!

March 7th, 2017

Well it’s definitely that time of year again. All of the weekend sports are back in full swing. Mums are busy driving between sporting fields making sure you arrive on time and that you have the correct shoes, uniforms and that your water bottles are full! Seriously…. What would we do without our Mums????

Lane Orthodontics are proud sponsors of Cairns Junior Netball, Cairns Junior AFL and Cairns Junior Hockey and have been for many years.

Please remember to always wear your mouthguard to protect your teeth both during and on completion of your orthodontic treatment. We provide a free ‘generic’ fitting mouthguard to wear during your orthodontic treatment. This not only protects your teeth from damage in case of facial injury but it will also protect your lips and cheeks from being cut up from the braces. Ouch!!!!

On completion of your orthodontic treatment you can purchase a custom made mouthguard in a variety of colours to protect your pearly whites. If you are in a health fund they will usually cover some, if not all of the costs.

Please, please, please don’t forget to wear your mouthguards. Let’s all adapt the ‘no mouthguard no play’ rule.

Research reveals over half of Australians don't love their smiles in photos!

September 27th, 2016

Avoiding a camera these days is no easy task.  But, did you ever stop to think how many images could be taken of you and shared with your friends each year? Try 1, 897– that is the average number that 500 Australian men and women have confessed are taken of them per year, with a third of them being shared on social media.

Interestingly, 79% of respondents didn’t seem phased by this amount of sharing. But, when it came down to what made them not entirely unhappy about the images they saw of themselves, smile/teeth was the most common concern they had. What’s more, nearly three quarters of Australians said that if they saw themselves smiling in photos, they would look back at those images with fond memories and that they represented happy times.

Dr Lane says, “With Australians estimating that almost 2,000 images are taken of them each year, isn’t it time we all looked after one of our best assets – our smile?  A fresh, beautiful smile is, by nature of its appearance, associated with confidence, youthfulness and vitality. It is common in my practice to see that patients who have undergone orthodontic treatments smile more in their every day life and definitely more when they are caught on camera. Having a great smile can make you feel alive and much younger.”

So what are people doing to achieve their desired smile? Dr Lane sees patients of all ages who are looking for solutions that can offer straighter teeth. “It’s easy to get the smile you want, thanks to an advanced orthodontic straightening treatment called the Invisalign System®. Using a series of custom-made clear plastic Invisalign aligners (instead of metal braces) that are virtually invisible, they can help to gently straighten teeth. Best of all, they’re removable too, so you carry on eating and drinking all the things you love.”

Phone us today on 4054 1100 or visit our “Contact Us” page on our website to make an orthodontics evaluation appointment with Dr Lane. Find out if Invisalign is right for you!

**Research conducted by Ipsos Australia on behalf of Invisalign Australia in May, 2015. Sample size was 504 men and women Australia wide aged 25 to 34.

Back to school checklist should include an orthodontic evaluation

January 20th, 2016

Before the mad back to school rush occurs, Dr Lane recommends all children visit an orthodontist for an orthodontic evaluation.

While there is not an exact age for children to begin orthodontic treatment, The Australian Society of Orthodontics recommends visiting the orthodontist by age 7.  By this age, most children have a mix of baby and adult teeth, making it easier for the orthodontist to diagnose and correct tooth and jaw problems sooner and without surgery.

For parents it’s not always easy to know if your child may need orthodontic treatment. Here are a few things to look for that may mean your child needs to see an orthodontist:

  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • A hard time chewing or biting food
  • Mouth breathing
  • Finger or thumb sucking
  • Crowded, misplaced, or blocked teeth
  • Jaws that pop or make sounds when opening and closing
  • Teeth that come together abnormally, or do not come together at all
  • Jaws and teeth that are not proportionate to the rest of the face
  • Crowded front teeth around age 7 or 8

Early detection of any dental issues arising will reduce the extent of the problem and avoid later possible extensive care. Please contact our practice on 4054 1100 to schedule an appointment with Dr Lane.

Early treatment now will give your child a healthy, beautiful smile for the future!

Signing off... Nikki

Happy New Year!

January 4th, 2016

I’m blown away by the fact that another year has come and gone already. Maybe it’s just me, but some years seem to go by more quickly than others. In 2015 we met many new patients and their families who began their orthodontic journey with us; some with complex treatments while others have been lucky enough to require only minor treatments.

I am always taken back when Xmas time comes round. Our practice becomes inundated with cards and treats from our patients. We are showered with chocolates, cakes, biscuits, seafood, fruit platters and sushi is just to name a few.  Every day when I arrive home from work my kids jokingly ask me “What did you eat today Mum?”  I am also reminded of how lovely our patients are by bumping into them at the shops and seeing their wired smiles beaming back at me.

December saw Dr Lane take his wife and kids to Bali for a much needed family holiday. I must say I was nervous that he may get stuck in Bali due to volcanic ash teasing the airways. Lucky for me (unlucky for him-haha!) he was able to fly home without a hitch and resume work as usual. Transforming smiles!

Many of our staff also had well-earned holidays. Some of them even went abroad to destinations such as Asia, Europe, England and New Zealand. So now that we are all well rested and back on deck we can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring. To all our wonderful patients and their families Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Signing off. Nikki

Invisalign Research

October 12th, 2015

Exclusive research has revealed the secret to looking 7 years younger…and it’s right under your nose!

How old we look is often impacted by more than just lines and wrinkles. In fact, a recent study revealed that 4 in 5 women agree a straight, healthy-looking smile can make you look younger. How much younger? Well according to 95% of women asked, an average of 7 years!^

Over 1,000 participants were shown images of the same women with only the state of their teeth altered. They were then asked to rank five common aging concerns in order of impact.  Before seeing the images participants ranked uneven teeth/smile to have the least impact on age; but after seeing the altered images this moved to the top of the list - with the smile even outranking lines and wrinkles as the number one factor that influences the perception of age.

Dr Lane says he’s not surprised by these new findings, “A fresh, beautiful smile is, by nature of its appearance, associated with health, youthfulness and vitality. It is common in my practice to see that patients who have undergone orthodontic treatments smile more; a great smile does wonders for their self-esteem.”

So what are people doing to achieve their perfect smile? Dr Lane sees patients of all ages who are looking for solutions that can offer straighter teeth. “Advancements in orthodontic technology means people can now get the straight smile they want without metal braces. Invisalign® uses a series of custom-made aligners that are virtually invisible and help to gradually straighten teeth. Best of all, they’re removable too, so you carry on eating and drinking all the things you love.”

*Research conducted by Ipsos Australia on behalf of Invisalign Australia in April, 2014. Sample size was 1001 women Australia wide aged 18-49. ^ Participants were asked how much older one image of the woman looked compared to another of the same woman with only the state of their teeth altered.

Tips on finding the right health fund

June 11th, 2014

Health Fund Talk!

It is important to compare the different insurance plans and find the best plan for your needs. However, most of the major insurers will only cover a set amount of orthodontic work and you will still be left with the out-of-pocket expenses. If you are only purchasing health insurance for the dental benefits involved then you need to try and find a provider that offers the best level of cover.

We recommend that you shop around and ask the health funds the following questions to ensure you have peace of mind once starting your orthodontic treatment.

1. What is the lifetime rebate limit for orthodontic treatment?

2. How much can be claimed each year and over how many years?

3. Are the claims to be made on a calendar or financial year basis?

4. Can the total amount (i.e. lifetime limit) be claimed at the start of the treatment?

5. Is my Orthodontist able to swipe my health fund card for my initial deposit at the start of treatment?

Make sure that you take the time to adequately research the options, prices and wait times before committing yourself to a health insurance plan.

Once you have decided on the best health fund for you and you’re no longer subject to any wait times, contact your orthodontist for an initial appointment. It is at this time your orthodontist will provide you with a fee quote and an estimated duration of treatment.

We try to make things as simple as possible for our patients and their families so always come to your appointments with your health fund card. There are certain appointments that we’re able to claim your rebate using HICAPS which limits your out of pocket expense.

Our reception team is always here to help you with your inquiries so please don’t hesitate in asking. 

Why is my jaw hurting?

March 25th, 2014

It is not uncommon for people to experience pain or discomfort in their TMJ (Tempormandibular Jaw Joint). Most of the population will at some time have problems with their TMJ. Usually, if caught early, it is quite easy to fix. Some patients who are experiencing problems may complain of pain around or in front of the ear, tightness of the jaw when they wake up in the morning, a pop or click in one or both joints when they open their mouth or locking of the jaw when they try to open their mouth. Some patients will experience all of the symptoms.

The cause varies, but in most cases, there has been some kind of trauma or damage to the jaw. Stress is another contributing factor. Some patients who are stressed will subconsciously grind or clench their teeth together during the day or while they are sleeping. The result of the clenching or grinding is similar to having a sprained ankle; inflammation therefore requiring rest. The inflammation in the joint causes discomfort or pain, making it hard to carry on using the jaw normally.

To correct the problem we treat it like a sprained ankle. By taking the weight of it and minimizing use, the inflammation in the jaw joints will have a chance to settle. Once it has gone, it is then important to stop what caused the problem in the first place.

Treatment will begin with a soft diet. Please do not eat anything that will require you to chew more then three times before swallowing. By cutting your food up into small pieces, chewing can be limited immensely. Be careful what you eat, avoiding any sticky, chewy or hard foods.

Anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed, depending on the patient. To assist with the treatment, it is important to limit your range of movement for the next six weeks. Avoid opening your mouth to wide, yelling and if possible yawning.

If you follow the instructions you should be feeling a lot better at the end of six weeks. If you feel better after a week, please don’t stop following the treatment plan. This week will not cure the problem, only relieve it for a while and you will need to start again once your TMJ starts to hurt again.

Remember to avoid the following foods while your jaw is sore:

Hard lollies, Raw vegetables, Bubble gum, Apples,  Hard biscuits, Chewy meats, Pizza Crust, Ice

If you are experiencing jaw pain or discomfort, contact us on 4054 1100 for an appointment.

Your wellbeing is our priority!

3D Dental Imaging Has Arrived!

February 26th, 2014

We are excited to announce that the latest 3D cone beam scanner (iCat) has arrived at Lane Orthodontics.

One of the benefits of a cone beam scan is the volumetric imaging system that provides a complete view of all oral and maxillofacial structures, giving the most thorough diagnostic information possible. Dr Lane can more accurately diagnose and treat patients than with a conventional 2 dimensional imaging. Every aspect of the facial skeleton can be evaluated with distortion-free images reconstructed from true volumetric data gathered by an advanced digital sensor. Measurements are all one-to-one, with no magnification error.

An advantage of having an iCat facility onsite is that within minutes of taking the 3D scan, Dr Lane and the patient can view the advanced 3D dental and facial imaging in one convenient visit to our practice. We are also able to forward the 3D scan to their referring dentist so they too may benefit from the additional imaging.

We are proud to be leading the way in orthodontics as 3D imaging is going to become the new norm as we go forward into the future!

Let's talk Invisalign

November 5th, 2013

Invisalign Logo Tagline

WHAT IS INVISALIGN? Invisalign is the clear alternative to braces that can help you achieve a straighter smile. Invisalign uses a series of clear, custom-made aligners to gradually move your teeth into their desired position. These aligners are virtually invisible, comfortable to wear and easy to remove. Simply take them out for special occasions and brush and floss as normal throughout your treatment. Invisalign is the modern and hygienic way to straighten your teeth.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Using the latest in 3D imaging technology, your dentist or orthodontist can depict the complete series of movements your teeth need to go through to achieve a straighter smile. A series of custom-made aligners are then produced, which you simply change yourself every two weeks to gradually move the teeth.

HOW LONG WILL TREATMENT TAKE? The length of treatment is dependent on the severity of each individual patient’s orthodontic issues. Treatment may vary from anywhere between six months to two years. The average treatment time is between 12 to 14 months.

HOW MUCH DOES INVISALIGN COST? In most cases, the cost and treatment time of Invisalign is comparable to traditional braces. However, as with other medical treatments, only your dentist or orthodontist can determine the cost based on your specific needs. Other factors may include your treatment goals, the difficulty of your case, how long you are in treatment, your orthodontic insurance coverage and additional factors determined by your dentist or orthodontist.

DOES HEALTH INSURANCE COVER INVISALIGN? If your insurance policy has orthodontic coverage, Invisalign should be covered to a similar extent as conventional braces. However, as medical benefits differ significantly from policy to policy, you should check with you health fund.

WILL INVISALIGN TREATMENT BE PAINFUL? Most people experience temporary, minor discomfort at the beginning of each new stage of treatment. This short-term effect is normal and is typically described as a feeling of pressure. 

WHAT ARE THE ALIGNERS MADE OF? Aligners are made of clear, strong, medical grade, non-toxic plastic. They are smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible. They are so discreet, many practitioners describe them as ‘contact lenses for teeth’. 

WILL WEARING THE ALIGNERS AFFECT MY SPEECH? Like all orthodontic treatments, aligners may temporarily affect the speech of some people, and you may have a slight lisp for a day or two. However, as your tongue gets used to having aligners in your mouth, any lisp or minor speech impediment caused by the aligners should disappear. 

HOW OFTEN DO I HAVE TO SEE MY  ORTHODONTIST? Once in treatment, you will need to schedule regular appointments with your Orthodontist which will usually occur every 6-8 weeks. It is necessary to check-in with your treating dentist or orthodontist to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned.

"Our receptionist Teneal in Invisalign"

Patient cooperation is #1

August 29th, 2013


Even though most of the work to get your teeth straight is
done by your friendly Orthodontist, there are always a few things that we
request the patient participates in to keep things moving along. Throughout
your treatment it is extremely important to keep your teeth and gums clean,
this not only allows your treatment to flow smoothly but it means that your
teeth on completion will be in the best possible condition. Poor oral hygiene
may result in decalcification (white, weak spots) on the enamel, gingival
recession (the gum pulling away from the tooth) and gum disease to name a few.


We may also request you wear orthodontic elastics over the
course of your treatment, these are used to help correct your jaw position in
to an appropriate orthodontic bite and to assist in the movement of your teeth.
We may ask you to wear them full time – meaning 24hrs a day removing them only
to brush your teeth and replacing them every time they come off, or Nights Only
– meaning put them on in the evening after brushing your teeth and taking them
off in the morning when you brush.




Look after your's the start of a healthy smile for life!

June 20th, 2013


Now that you are commited to a healthy smile there are a few things you need to know to ensure you sail through your treatment with us.

Sticky foods such as lollies must be avoided because they can loosen the bonds and wires. Hard foods such as apples and raw carrots are best eaten by cutting them up and chewing on the back teeth. Sweets and chocolates must be kept to a minimum & fizzy soft drinks,  must be avoided as they leave marks on your teeth that we cannot remove after treatment.

NO:Soft drink, Cordial, Lollies, Chocolate, Sweet biscuits, Museli bars, Nuts, Corn chips, Roll ups, Ice cubes, Pork crackling or bones & Crusty bread or pizza crust!  

CAREFUL: Apples, Raw carrots, Popcorn, Sugar free gum & Sports drinks!

YES:Fruit, Vegetables, Potato chips, Twisties, Diet drinks, Dry biscuits & Cheese!


Very few orthodontic problems require urgent attention. Breakages can be managed at the next appointment. If in pain please call and we will take care of you.

Prevention is the best cure. Follow our dietary guidelines. Experience has shown 95% of breakages result from failing to observe instructions.

  1. 1.     Wires sticking into cheek.

Use wax as necessary to manage any spots that feel sharp or rough.

  1. 2.     Bracket comes loose from a tooth.

Is best fixed at the next appointment. If it has rolled around or moved, it can be positioned with finger pressure. Avoid hard sticky foods.

  1. 3.     Broken wire.

Will not cause harm and is easily replaced at the next visit. The teeth are still moving and under treatment.

  1. 4.     Band on back tooth comes loose.

Please keep it and we will re-cement it.


Our job is to get you the best result as quick as possible. To do this we need your help, follow our instructions and please wear appliances / elastics etc. exactly as instructed.

Clean teeth move much faster so don’t forget to spend the time to keep them clean!!!

May 2013

May 2nd, 2013

We wish to share this exciting event with all our patients and their families! Lane Orthodontics is moving to The Specialist Centre Cairns.

The Specialist Centre is a contemporary purpose built facility located at 566-568 Mulgrave Road. Only 500 meters north of our current location!  The facility boosts lifts and disability access, ample parking and easy access from Mulgrave Road.

 Lane Orthodontics will close at our current location on Friday the 5th of July and re-open on Monday the 8th of July at our new location….Level 1, Suite 1 of The Specialist Centre Cairns. Please remember that our phone /fax number and email remains the same.


February Blog

February 19th, 2013

Do you play in a team sport? Maybe we can help!

Simply download and complete a Sponsorship Form from our website to receive 10 Lane Orthodontics water bottles.

Do you have braces and play sport?

It is important that you protect your braces and teeth whilst playing sport so please wear your mouthgaurd at all times. If you have braces and require a mouthgaurd, contact the practice and we can provide you with a generic type mouthgaurd. Once your braces are removed you will need to contact your Dentist for a custom made mouthgaurd which will protect your perfect smile!

December 2012 Blog

December 5th, 2012

“Dental braces (also known as orthodontic braces, or simply braces) are devices used in orthodontics that align and straighten teeth and help to position them with regard to a person's bite, while also working to improve dental health. They are often used to correct underbites, as well as malocclusions, overbites, cross bites, open bites, deep bites, crooked teeth, and various other flaws of the teeth and jaw. Braces can be either cosmetic or structural. Dental braces are often used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances to help widen the palate or jaws and to otherwise assist in shaping the teeth and jaws.” (Wikipedia)

Braces where thought to have been around since 400-300BC . There have been discoveries of mummies with types of bands wrapped around their teeth. It is thought by scientists that this was a type of cord known as catgut which was a chord literally made from the intestines of animals.

EEWWWW – thank God for modern medical advancements.

 Modern orthodontics is thought to have truly started in the 17th – 18th centuries. They used a device called a ‘Blandeau’ - A horse shoe shaped piece of iron that was placed on the teeth and used to expand the persons arch. It then took until the mid-19th century for orthodontics as we know it today to truly start developing.


By the 20th century dentists had started to devise the Dental Occlusion Class system that we still use today. This same dentist (Edward Angle) formed the first school of orthodontics in 1901 which still exists today as the American Association of orthodontics.


Today Orthodontics has improved immensely both mechanically and aesthetically. There is a wider choice of options available to suite all types of malocclusions and personal preferences. Here at Lane Orthodontics we provide quite a few of the options available. To suite aesthetics, patients will have ceramic brackets which are a tooth coloured bracket to help blend in to the tooth, we also have Invisilign available which provides a series of removable retainers to help align the teeth. To help with the mechanics of orthodontics we are now providing Sure Smile to help correct our patients teeth, this style of orthodontics is fairly new to Australia, it allows us to treat the teeth from all aspects using 3D technology instead of the 2D images that have been available in the past.

So as you can see improvements in technology have certainly provided us with more viable and pleasant options in the field of orthodontics. If you are interested in having orthodontic treatment please feel welcome to contact us for a consult appointment to discuss all of these options plus many not mentioned further with you.


 Now that you have all had a lesson on Orthodontics, Dr Lane and his team would like to say Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

November Blog or should I say Movember!!!

November 5th, 2012

Wow its November already which means it’s time to start getting ready for the silly season. With lots of Christmas parties, shopping, organising and decorating to get done life can be a little hectic for the next 2 months, so stay safe and enjoy!

November also means that Halloween has just been so those bad bacteria on our teeth can’t stop smiling right now. It’s very important to keep these bacteria at bay if we want to keep the decay away. So how can we do this? Brush, brush, brush….

During the time you have your braces on, it is very important to brush our teeth 2-3 x daily for at least 2-3 minutes at a time, but brushing isn’t the only way for us to keep our teeth at their optimal oral hygiene level.

  • Electronic toothbrushes are excellent for brushing your teeth whilst wearing braces, due to the small head they allow better access to the underside of the brackets along the gum lines and to the difficult to reach areas at the back of your mouth. If you prefer a manual tooth brush there a many options available with some specifically designed for use with orthodontic appliances.


  • Interdental brushes are an excellent addition to our daily routine. They come in many different sizes and brands and can be used to clean in-between and around the brackets for those hard to access areas and are an excellent substitute for flossing interproximal (in between our teeth) to keep our gums healthy.


  • Floss fish are another alternative for cleaning in between our teeth, they are a small device used in conjunction with your regular floss to get between the orthodontic wire and the teeth allowing you to floss your gums.


  • Mouth wash containing fluoride should be used regularly to help strengthen the enamel and prevent decay and to keep our general oral health at its peak.


  • Tooth Mousse Plus can be used as an additional treatment to help prevent weakening of the tooth surfaces from poor oral hygiene and acidic substances.


As you can see there are many options available for keeping your teeth and gums as healthy as possible, there are many that are not listed above that are just as helpful and if you find one that works then certainly use what you like. Lane Orthodontics does stock most of the Oral Hygiene products that have been mentioned above. We also donate all proceeds from these products to the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation. Most importantly though, try to stay away or cut down on food and drinks that are high in sugar and acids, this will help you to have beautiful teeth on removal of your braces.

Keep an eye on Facebook to watch Dr Lane’s growing beard for MOVEMBER!!!

Week 1 for MOVEMBER!!!

September 2012

September 4th, 2012

A big thank you to all our lovely patients that supported us during RSPCA Cupcake Week. With your kind donations and purchases of our yummy cupcakes, we raised $720 for the RSPCA. Well done to all, especially Laney's Angels....the angels baked up a storm!

Happy Father's Day to all our special Dad's....especially Dr Lane. I'm sure Flynn, Angus, Parker & Abbey will spoil Dr Lane rotten!

Are you getting braces on soon? Take a minute to read our Commonly Asked Questions:

How long will my teeth be sore?

You will experience some tenderness in your teeth for the first few days after having your braces on, or having an adjustment.  Drinking cold water will provide some relief by loosening the wire for a few minutes.  

How long will the inside of my lips be sore?

The inside of your lips may become irritated from time to time.  We have provided you with wax that can be placed over the bracket that is irritating your lips.  A callous will eventually build up on the inside of your lips, making your lips tougher and therefore resistant to the irritation.

 Do I still have to see my dentist for check-ups?

Yes please.  It is important to keep your teeth healthy whilst you are having orthodontic treatment.  Please see your dentist for a clean, check-up and fluoride every six months.

 Why are my teeth feeling loose? Should I be worried?

This is normal. Don’t worry about it; this is happening because your teeth are moving around.  And that is a good thing!

 Why did I get this space between my front teeth?

Sometimes things get worse before they get better. Your teeth may move in different directions while they are being straightened.  Please be patient and soon enough things will look just great!

 How much longer will my braces be on?

Please remember that the time that you were told was only an estimate. A lot of what happens with the length of having your braces on depends on you.  Please make sure that you follow any instructions that Dr Lane may give you very carefully.  Your co-operation is very important in order to finish your treatment.

August 2012

August 19th, 2012

First we kick off with Dental Health Week (6-12 August). Orthodontics is not just about straight teeth but more about a healthy smile for life. According to The Australian Dental Association, over half of all 6 year old Australian children will be suffering from tooth decay. It's also the most common reason for Australian pre-schoolers to be admitted to hospital.

Are you a Teacher or Parent looking for resources on Oral health? Click on the link below:

Lane Orthodontics will be hosting an RSPCA Cupcake Party from Monday 20th August- Wednesday 22nd August. All proceeds raised will go to the RSPCA to help raise funds to fight against animal cruelty. All monies raised will be matched dollar for dollar by Dr Lane.

If you don't have a sweet tooth you can still help the RSPCA by leaving a donation with one of the Laney's Angels or via our online Cupcake Party Page (link below) and watch our Hero Meter rise:

July 2012

July 4th, 2012

What's happening in the coolest orthodontic practice in Cairns?

June was a very exciting month as we hosted our Annual Golf day at Paradise Palms. it was wonderful to see our fellow dental colleges without masks and gloves but rather wearing wigs and tutu's. We even had a Batman! Once again, we would like to thank the dental community for supporting us as we continue to deliver exceptional orthodontic care.

Don't forget to contact us if you require a Tax Invoice for 2011-2012 as you may be eligible for the Medical Expense Rebate. Ask your accountant or click on the link to find out more information:

May 2012

May 10th, 2012

May has started with us saying goodbye to our wonderful hygienist Kim- Anh. Kim- Anh and her husband are moving to country NSW to open up their own dental practice. We are so sad to say goodbye to them both but at the same time we wish Kim –Anh and Luke the best of luck with their new adventure.

If you are currently studying at JCU, you may bump into Dr Lane on a Friday. He has been volunteering his time lecturing dental students since the start of the year. I know that the dental students must be ready for their mid-year break and maybe a break from Dr Lane!

Dr Lane will be returning from the AAO conference next week. We are so excited to hear about all the new features that Dr Lane will be returning with… stay tuned!

April 2012

April 5th, 2012

Well its Easter time which means chocolate and candy will be everywhere. How will our patients resist the temptation? With this in mind we put our heads together and made a list of Easter Celebration Treats for our patients to enjoy GUILT FREE!!! 

So why not try the following sweets over Easter:-

  • Hot cross buns
  • Yoghurt with berries
  • Fruit or chocolate smoothies
  • Jelly cups with custard

Don’t forget to brush well after each meal and have a safe and happy Easter!

Welcome to Our Blog!

January 4th, 2012

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog. Please check back often for weekly updates on fun and exciting events happening at our office, important and interesting information about orthodontics and the dental industry, and the latest news about our practice.

Feel free to leave a comment or question for our doctor and staff – we hope this will be a valuable resource for our patients, their families, and friends!

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